Team Charter Template

Below is a template for a team charter. Create a document with the sections below and fill them in according to the instructions. You can also copy the Google Doc form of this template:

<Company/Team Name> Charter


State the reasons for the team's formation and the its purposes. Who are your stakeholders, and what are their expectations of and for the team?


What are the team's project, process, and quality goals? To what level of performance are team members willing to commit?

Member Roles and Responsibilities

While some team responsibilities are shared by all members, collaborative teams work best when members also have unique roles and responsibilities. These could be technical and/or project management-related (e.g. meeting facilitator, documentation coordinator, information manager, point person for sponsor/advisor communications, etc.). Create a table like the one below, with a row for each member.

Team Member Roles/Responsibilities
<member name> <role>, <responsibility>, ...
... ...
... ...
... ...

Ground Rules

How and when will this team meet? What are the norms and ground rules the team will agree to? How will you conduct discussions and make decisions? How will you handle dissenting views among members? How will you hold each other accountable for living by these rules and for task completion? What kind of participation and level of commitment do you expect from one another?

Potential Barriers and Coping Strategies

What barriers to effective teamwork might potentially arise in the course of completing your project and other team obligations, and how will you handle them if they materialize? What problems with team dynamics have you experienced in the past, and how will you handle them if they come up again?


Have each member sign and date the charter to signify that the contents are agreed upon by the whole team. Electronic signatures (typed) are fine.