MAE Purchasing Guidelines

EME 185 A/B Capstone MAE Purchasing And Out-Of-Pocket Reimbursement Guidelines

Table of Contents

Basic Steps

  1. Get your BoM approved by your TA (happens automatically on submission of report 2, unless it is inadequate).
  2. Select a "purchasing lead" (only person allowed to submit orders from your team).
  3. Purchaser creates multiple orders lists (likely a subset of your BoM) throughout the quarter and submits one of three ways:
    1. If an MAE account, log into OPP and create an order, select Jason K. Moore as the approver.
    2. If from a BME account, email the order list to your TA and they will order.
    3. If your client/sponsor is buying for you, then follow their protocol to submit orders.
  4. Wait for item arrival (ship to MAE office C/O you and they will email you on arrival).
  5. Pick up package at MAE office and sign the sheet to know package has been received.

Key Guidelines

Purchasing Lead

Select one purchasing lead. The lead's responsibility includes:


MAE Staff

The MAE staff is your first stop for help with purchaing.

MAE Main Office, 2132 Bainer Hall Business hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., except - 12-1 p.m.

College of Engineering Purchasing/Accounts Payable Shared Services

All purchasing is forwarded from MAE and handled at the College of Engineering, you may need to contact them for help for special cases if the above people cannot help.

OPP User Registration

If your purchases are made through your client, ignore this section.

On-line PrePurchase (OPP) Link:

Team Purchasing Lead: Contact Jessica Rodriguez <> of the MAE staff to register as OPP user and obtain a brief OPP user training. Provide your Kerberos ID and phone number (cell phone preferably) for OPP user registration to MAE staff.

OPP Order Placement Procedure

Step-by-Step procedure for using the OPP system can be found in this powerpoint:

Additionally, After logging into the OPP webpage and navigating to the order placement page, there is a Guided Tour button highlighted in a green box with blue text near the top of the page.


You can ship items to the department and they will notify you via email when they arrive:

<your name>
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department
Bainer Hall, Room 2132
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

Ordering for BME Funded Projects

Projects funded through the UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC) or UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine require a purchasing information to be sent to the TA so the TA can place the orders. A table or spreadsheet organized alphabetically by vendor with the following information must be sent to your team's TA via e-mail:

  1. Vendor Name
  2. Quantity of item
  3. Unit
  4. Part Number (if applicable)
  5. Item Description and URL
  6. Unit Cost
  7. Shipping Method
  8. Address of vendor (if doing in-store pickup)
Vendor QTY Unit Part Number (if applicable) Description Unit Cost Shipping Address 2 Pack N/A Cables,<URL> 5.00 Standard N/A 1 Each N/A Arduino,<URL> 19.99 Standard N/A
DFROBOT 1 Each SER0038 Servo Motor,<URL> 14.90 2-Day N/A
Lowe's 1 Each A24831 2'x2' 1/4" Acrylic 10.99 Pickup Vacaville

Local Purchases

To place an OPP order at a local store for pickup, these are the procedures to follow:

  1. Go to local store and record quantity and part number of items or make a conservative guess at the prices.
  2. Place OPP order listing the normal quantity, unit, parts number, description.
  3. Under "Shipping Options" in OPP, select "no shipping required".
  4. In the "Comments and/or special instructions" section please type, "requesting PO only, please e-mail PO to ____." in include your email.
  5. OPP will give a purchase order in the amount needed to pick up the items at the local store, and will be delivered to your email.
  6. Return the receipt as the "packing slip"

Order for Supplies and Consumables using a Department Purchase Order (DPO)

Applicable to Store Pickup, FAX/Internet Order, Credit Card Order

  1. Obtain approval and correct account # for the order from the instructor. Your requested purchases must match your pre-approved bill of materials.
  2. Submit a complete OPP order via Order will e-route to the instructor and the MAE staff for approvals.
  3. Include in the OPP order: # of items, unit price, item/catalog #. Attach a price quotation or screen shot of product information if needed.
  4. Note that the required "unit" column in the web form is to specify the unit of the quantity number. For example if could be "kilograms", "each", "bundles", etc.
  5. If you have a large list of items from an online vendor, save the order in CART with your exact items in it and provide a copy to OPP as an attachment.
  6. Include shipping/handling charges when you calculate the total order for budgeting purposes. Charges may vary depending on delivery method (regular ground vs. overnight). RUSH order will incur extra shipping costs. For RUSH shipment, obtain approval from your instructor.
  7. Verify with the vendor that item is in stock and available for shipment within the time frame needed.
  8. Submit packing slips as soon as possible to process payment of invoices.
  9. Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary high shipping charges.

Reimbursement for Out-of-Pocket Expenses

UCD policy strongly discourages out-of-pocket expenses. However, emergency expenses may be unavoidable due to extenuating circumstances (e.g., no access to a Purchase Order after MAE office hours; emergency purchase; Department Purchase Order not accepted by a store/vendor).

Out-of-pocket expenses must be PRE-APPROVED by one of the instructors and must be deemed necessary for the capstone design project.

Total out-of-pocket purchases (including tax and shipping cost) must not exceed $500 per receipt.

Bill of Materials Change Orders

As professional engineers, you have a fiduciary responsibility to spend your sponsor’s funds in the best interest of the project. Therefore, it is critical that you plan your purchases prudently. That said, there is no way to foresee all the stumbling blocks that will occur over the course of this quarter and additional purchases are almost certain.

There will be a cap of two additional BOM changes for the remainder of the quarter. Any changes to your BOM must be justified and approved before funds are released. Change requests will be submitted as a one-page memo answereing each of the following questions:

  1. What are you changing?
  2. Why are you chainging it?
  3. What do you need to purchase in order to facilitate this change?

You must also submit an abridged BOM of the changes indicating what additionally is needed including all vendors, part numbers, quantities and cost. The new BOM can be an attachment and need not fit within the one-page limit of the memo. These will be sent to the instructor, your TA, and your sponsor for approval. When your funds are approved, you can purchase through any of the above means.