Table of Contents

Lecture and Activity Materials

Technical Resources

Check out this webpage for a list of technical resources from the web that may help you with your project.

Purchasing Parts and Materials

You may need to purchase parts and materials for your project with funds that are provided by (or by proxy through) the MAE department. Please review the Purchasing Guidelines to learn how to do this. Take special note that you will need an online prepurchasing (OPP) account (more information on the page). Do this well in advance of needing to submit an order request.

For some general advice on finding parts and materials, there is a Purchasing Tips page.

Project Storage

We have a space that is available for temporary storage of your project while you are working on it during the spring quarter. You can get access to this room, Bainer 1120, by asking one of the instructors for the keypad entry code. The following list shows the rules for the use of the space. Any abuse of these will cause all teams to lose access to the space. The ESDC staff are monitoring and managing the space, so check in with them with any questions on the use of the space.

College of Engineering Design Showcase

At the end of the course you will be expected to present your results to faculty, students, and visitors at the College of Engineering Design Showcase. This year's showcase will be at the ARC Pavilion on Thursday, Jun 6, 2019 from 1:30 to 4:30 pm and registration will open in April. At the showcase you will meet with industry sponsors and will have the opportunity to win various awards and to show off your work to potential employers.

See the following website for more information:


If you would like to turn your ideas and work into an entrepreneurial endeavor the campus offers support for this. Some resources are:

Engineering Student Startup Center
UCD CoE provides a center and support for getting your idea off the ground.
The UC has a competition to help seed the most promising startups.

Ask the instructors for help if you are unsure how to pursue this.

Getting a Job

Internship and Career Center
Submit your resume and look for job postings.
Internship and Career Fairs
UCD hosts several of these every year.
UC Davis Corporate Relations
Get into the specialized engineering student recruitment database, Eureka!, visit a company on a tour, etc.

Resume Information

Out-of-the-box Resume Websites

Some people try to standout and skip the single white sheet of paper. Here are some examples of doing something unique and different. This is easier for software engineers, but there are likely clever ways to showcase your mechanical engineering prowess that isn't tied to a sheet of paper.