Microcontroller Tutorial Materials and Information

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Microcontrollers are powerful tools that will allow you to bring your machines to life. Relatively recently the cost of microcontrollers has dropped and the accessibility increased such that hobbyists can make wide use of them. The wide adoption is furthermore being fueled by a large community centered around open hardware and open source code.

During the lecture and studio we will lead you through a tutorial that introduces you to using a lightweight microcontroller called the Arduino. This first lesson will use an emulator for the hardware and we will cover the basics about programming the microcontroller. The following week we will have a three hour long activity in the studio sessions where you will get to work with the real hardware and will implement a simple control system in pairs of two people.


Please do all of the following before coming to class:

Finally, bring your prepped laptop to both class periods [1].

[1]If you do not have a laptop with you, that is ok, we will be pairing you up with someone who does.


After the lessons are completed students will be able to:

Lesson Materials