Technical Resources and Tips

In the course of making your project or product successful, you will have to draw on your team's combined knowledge, experience and talents as an engineer. But a good engineer also does not waste time 'reinventing the wheel' from scratch. There is a wealth of knowledge and resources available in the form of books,articles and videos on the internet and the UCDavis' Physical Sciences and Engineering Library. Here is a list of some of these resources that you may want to use:

UCDavis Library Resources

The Physical Sciences and Engineering (PSE) Library webpage provides you access to a vast collection of resources that may not be readily available on the internet ranging from full Books, eBooks, Journals, Databooks, Patents and Industry Standards. Many of these are available in digital form. Some may require you to use the Library VPN to sign in. We encourage you to make use of these university resources in your projects. Remember to cite your references in your reports. The above webpage also contains a citation guide.


Design Calculations and References

Making Technical Drawings

Here are a few resources and references for making your technical drawings package (your major deliverable) look professional and informative.

Other ASME Y14 standards that define Lines and Lettering, sheet size and formats and Drawing Views are linked to below:

Other references:


  • Onshape: Web-browser-based CAD software made by original authors of Solidworks. Works on all operating systems. Free (but limited) educational and personal accounts.
  • FreeCAD: Open source parametric 3D CAD. Works on all operating systems.
  • Fusion 360 (Autodesk): Free 3-year education license. Works on Mac and PC.
  • Solidworks (Dassault Systems)
  • : Online CAD system for 80/20-like design that ships parts next day.


  • AutoCAD (Autodesk): Probably the most widely used 2D CAD software. Mac/Windows.
  • QCAD: Open source, Windows/Mac/Linux
  • LibreCAD: Open source, Windows/Mac/Linux
  • ESPRIT (DP Technology)
  • HSM (Autodesk)
  • LT Spice (Linear Technology)
  • Easy EDA (Website)
  • Tinker CAD (Website)
  • Ki-cad (Open-source Electrical Drawing Software)

Mechanisms and Movements