Remote Learning

Preparing for remote learning

Rules, etiquette, and tips for this class

  • Only registered students will be permitted in the video conference (unless permission granted from the instructor)
  • You must use your official name in the video conference (preferred names or nicknames can be in parentheses)
  • Keep your mic muted at all times (unless instructed otherwise)
  • Use headphones to reduce microphone/speaker interaction
  • You do not have to turn your video or mic on if your environment does not permit you to do so. (Although I would like to see at least some student faces so I'm not talking to a blank screen.)
  • Turn off your video if there are distractions in your background. You can set a Zoom background to block out things behind you if you'd like but these images must be tasteful.
  • Ask questions by "raising your hand" in the participants window and wait to be called on OR ask questions by typing in the chat window.
  • Turning off the video feeds can reduce bandwidth and choppy connections.
  • Join the class a few minutes before the official start time.
  • The videos will be recorded and shared with the class including audio, text, and video of any students that speak or share.
  • Videos of the class are copyrighted and shall not be shared outside of the class participants.
  • Standard in-person classroom behavior extends to the virtual classroom. For example, don't eat, talk, or be disruptive. Immaturity and abuse of the video conferencing features will not be tolerated.
  • It is a violation of the Code of Academic Conduct and Principles of Community if you disrupt class by abusing the video conference in any way. Inappropriate text, images, or actions will results in rapid decent to a F grade and removal from the course.


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